A ‘Thank you’ note could solidify that job

A few months after I started my first job, I was at an office lunch my my coworkers and bosses. One of my bosses said that she’d heard I did well with my job interview. My manager interjected that the thing that stuck out in his mind the most was the ‘thank you’ card I sent. He said it wasn’t the reason I got hired, but it definitely confirmed his decision.

Most people recommend sending an email to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration, and you should definitely do this the same day as your interview. However, I highly recommend sending a physical ‘thank you’ card as well. There are a few reasons I think a physical ‘thank you card’ can is a must:

1) ‘Thank you’ notes are old fashioned. Sending one will show your potential employer that you have a bit of class, and are hard working. Additionally, anyone can send an email, but since most people don’t send physical notes, you will stand out against the competition.

2) Taking the time to write and send a physical letter will show the interviewer that you truly care about the position. You did more than what was expected, and they will appreciate that.

3) By the time your ‘thank you’ note actually arrives in the mail it will be a few days after the interview. This will remind the interviewer who you are after they’ve likely concluded all interviews, and are in the decision-making process. This could either get them to reevaluate your resume, or tip the scales in your favor.

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