So You Want A “Plus-One”

So you just got invited to your old college friend’s wedding. You’re really excited until you open the invitation and see that it’s only for you. No “plus-one.” You just started dating a cutie from Tinder, and really want to show them off to your old friends. You figure your friend made a mistake. You want to call and ask, or just write in a “plus-one” for yourself on the RSVP.

However, do not ask for a “plus-one” when it wasn’t given. Couples have to make a lot of cuts to their list which includes their own friends and family. They cared enough about you to invite you to the wedding, but they may not have the space or money to add anyone else. It’ll make things awkward whether or not they accept, and often one of you will feel like the other doesn’t care. Since you all care about each other, feel happy to have been invited at all, and don’t push it.

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